Street Kids of Bali's Beaches
Veiled behind coconut trees, tropical coastlines, and a bustling tourist industry lies Indonesia's myriad street childrenIn a recent work-holiday, SPLASH held a special sports day filled with yoga and exercise fun at the Bali Street Life house.    

Floating Like Butterflies, Stinging Like Bees: 

Boxing with Refugees in Bangkok
Helping refugees realize they have a secret, powerful spirit deep inside themselves was one of the most rewarding recent SPLASH clinics.  Suffering from autism to physical deformities to PTSD, the youth built mental, physical, and emotional strength through the sweet science of boxing.

Bangladesh Through the Eyes of the Streets

In Dhaka's poorer corners, where children play cricket in torn, multi-colored clothes and broken sandals inches too small for their feet, SPLASH got the chance to talk with youth about cancer before heading into the muddy back-lots to play sports.  

Thailand's Deep South:  At the Crossroads of Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists
Where religious conflict has simmered and raged in South East Asia in recent decades, SPLASH conducted a track and field sports day to help build bridges across divides.

Sports, Peace, Love, Awareness, Schools, & Humanity
*A Partner Project of the American Association for Cancer Support

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100 Million children in the world are street kids.  The average age girls are human-trafficked is 12-14 years old.  Over 80% of 150 million children with disabilities live in developing countries where access to play is extremely limited.  Sports and healthy lifestyles can prevent cancer up to 40%! 

We have a simple perspective:  To look into every vulnerable child's eyes and see a diamond in the rough. 

Athletic environments prove to be advantageous locations where the boundaries between race, religion, community, and gender are unmarked and irrelevant.  By combining a life-skills component with sports programs, sensitive yet crucial issues such as cancer awareness, substance abuse, integrity, goal-setting, and self-awareness can be addressed within safe and neutral athletic settings. 

After training local community leaders how to become coaches, these mentors can act as key agents of change for the youth surrounding them.  In communities affected by war, poverty, disease, and distress, a mutually reinforcing athletic/life-skills program is an effective model for stabilizing and rebuilding the social, economic, and psychological base of vulnerable children.


Founded: 2010

Owner: Nikki Mahoney


"Traveling the World's Greatest Places, Seeking Out a City's Worst Slums, and Empowering its Children Through Sports."