Do you have what it takes to teach kids not only about sports but about life?  Come be a part of our SPLASH team and help change children's lives for the better! 

Fundraise for SPLASH

Not able to volunteer right now but you're passionate about kids, cancer, and sports?  No problem!  We'd still love for you to be a teammate.  If you have a creative fundraising idea, SPLASH will support you!

Share What You Have

Inspired to benefit the world with your knowledge and resources?  There is nothing SPLASH kids don't appreciate--from wristbands to educational materials to shoes and sports equipment.  We appreciate all of your generous support that enables us to continue impacting lives and generations to come.

Ways We Use Funding

$5                                     Sneakers in Haiti

$15                                            Sports balls

$150                               Transportation for

         community-based coach for 6 months

$200        1 year tuition, uniform, books for

                                               child in Haiti

$500                  Jersey/t-shirt for 100 kids

$1,500    Host a basketball tournament with

            uniforms, refreshments, and prizes

$2,500   Salary for community-based coach

                                                    for 1 year

$3,000       Run a week-long sports camp at

   the International Olympic facility in Haiti

$5,000   Cost of erecting hoops at schools/

      community center by employing locals

$25,000    Enables SPLASH sports/life-skills                   educational programs to run in

                     5 disadvantaged communities

$50,000             Builds a community center

$100,000            Invests in a sports school

        allowing underprivileged children and

              youth access to an education and


Sports, Peace, Love, Awareness, Schools, & Humanity
*A Partner Project of the American Association for Cancer Support